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International Tournament Vilnius Cup
2013 01 03

On December 27-29, the international baseball tournament for juveniles and cadets took place in Vilnius Sportima arena. In total, 10 juveniles teams (born 2001-05-01 and later) and 12 cadets teams (born 1999-01-01 and later) participated. The tournament had a couple rules that are not included in real baseball to make the games go by faster. A couple main rules: the hitter starts the at bat with the count 1-1, the team on offense cannot score more than 5 runs per inning, a draw is possible, also a draw to decide the winner is possible.

In the juveniles tournament, even 6 teams out of 10 had chances to win it all. Games between these teams usually ended by one or couple runs. In the final, Brest Zubry played against Moscow Moskvich. After an unremitting battle, the Belarus team won 9:8. In the game for the third place, Estonia Kiili Panthers beat the tired hosts BK Vilnius, even tho before in a group game the Vilnius team had an easy win.

In the cadets tournament, Moscow Balashicha did not lose a single game (2 draws, 4 wins), but they did not win the tournament because the draw after the final game and the extra innings with Kaunas Lituanica was unfavorable for them. Lituanica lost a group game to them 3:9, also they were behind in the final game 0:5, but they found will and tied the game in the last inning. Extra innings did not change the score. Since we could not keep playing, because of a soccer tournament, for the first time in the tournament history the winner was decided by a draw. Kaunas Lituanica were the lucky ones. They are the tournament champions. In the game for the third place Brest Zubry played against BK Vilnius. Just as it looked like the game was going to end tied, Vilnius made an error after the last pitch and gave the win away to the visitors without a draw.

Also two friendly softball games were played between BK Vilnius and Radviliškis Bėgiai who split the series 3:0 and 4:6.

BK Vilnius 16 year olds, who have a responsible 2014 season coming up, played two games against Minsk" Vilnius won both games 9:2 and 7:4.

The tournament gives Lithuanian baseball teams a chance to play at a high level against other good European teams during the cold period. It motivated players to practice harder while getting ready for the tournament and mobilized club representatives to join in organizing the tournament. This will encourage many young athletes to stay in this sport because you have to work hard the whole winter so you could play baseball in the summer.

I thank all the people that joined in organizing the tournament, especially Arnoldas Ramanauskas, Žilvinas Vodzinskas, Kęstas Vilimas, Sandra Lazauskiene, Ilona Čepelionienė.

Virmidas Neverauskas

Best European Baseball Umpire Arnoldas Ramanauskas Interview
2014 02 25

When and how did you find out about baseball?

In 1986 while reading „Sovietskij sport“ about the inclusion of baseball in the Olympic games. Until then I have read the rules in the encyclopedia, but I did not understand anything.

Have you ever played baseball?

I p...

Confederation of European Baseball and European Softball Federation Congress
2014 02 17

On February 14-15, in Prague, Confederation of European Baseball and European Softball Federation congress took place. It was very successful to Lithuanian baseball. For the first time in Lithuanian baseball history a Lithuanian umpire Arnoldas Ramanauskas was recognized as the best 2013 European um...

LBA Congress and the Presidium meeting
2014 02 10

On February 8, in Vilnius, the Lithuanian Baseball Association congress and Presidium meeting took place, which approved the 2014 LBA work plan, baseball event calendar, and the Lithuanian national team coaches for different age groups were selected.

Lithuanian juveniles (U12) national team o...

IBAF announced the 2013 baseball rankings.Kaunas Lituanica moved up to 39-40 place in the European baseball club rankings
2014 01 13

IBAF announced 2013 World Baseball Rankings, 1st place is taken by the USA, 2nd - Japan, 3rd - Cuba, Lithuania is 54th. In Europe, 1st - Netherlands, 2nd - Italy, 3rd - Spain, Lithuania - 17th.

In 2012, Lithuania was 49th in the world, and 15th in Europe.
In 2011, Lithuania was 47th in th...

2013 Lithuanian Baseball season closing ceremony
2013 11 13

On November 9, the 2013 Lithuanian Baseball season closing ceremony took place in Vilnius, Karolinos bowling, in which champions, best players, coaches, umpires, and other people that deserved it for helping baseball, were awarded.

Open Lithuanian Baseball Championship (Lithuanian Baseball Le...

2013 10 03 - CEB Vice-President Petr Ditrich visited Lithuania
2013 09 22 - Kaunas Lituanica won the Open Lithuanian Baseball Championship
2013 09 16 - Vilnius Juodasis Vikingas - Sporto Vilkai won the Lithuanian Baseball Championship bronze
2013 09 02 - Interleague champions cup again goes to Kaunas
2013 07 27 - Lithuanian National team finished in 5th place
2013 07 20 - Lithuanian National Cadets baseball team - 5th in Europe
2013 07 10 - Lithuanian Baseball League Open
2013 07 08 - Lithuanian U12 baseball team - European Vice-Champion
2013 07 03 - After 8 years, the Lithuanian U18 Championship was won by Kaunas Lituanica
2013 07 03 - BK Vilnius won the Lithuanian U12 and U15 Championships
2013 06 22 - European Cup Qualifier 2013
2013 06 21 - Dovydas Neverauskas successfully started his 4th season in the U.S. but his team lost
2013 06 15 - MLB European Academy
2013 06 04 - Linas Kleiza's gift to the kids of the child care homes
2013 04 10 - Kaunas Lituanica won the Lithuanian U12 Winter Baseball Championship for the first time
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